Tracbuster Portable Hydraulic Pin Presses

The Tracbuster has been professionally engineered to meet the health and safety requirements of a Portable Track Pin Press, usable in the field. Previous techniques for track pin removal were dangerous and time consuming. Tracbuster is a huge step forward in track repair technology.


Like any successful invention, Tracbuster is a tool that has evolved from a need. The need for a contractor to be able to quickly and efficiently remove and replace pins in crawler tracks. The Tracbuster’s compact size, ease of operation, and safe design make it the preferred choice in the field.


The Tracbuster benefits are many:

It is portable, (designed to be used in the field but can also be used in a shop).  A much faster and safer way do get the job done right.  Compact-able for storage. Built with parts that are designed to last.

Because Tracbuster comes in three different sizes, it fits over a wide range of crawler and tractor undercarriages, from D3 up to D11. Tracbuster also works on excavators and forestry equipment as well. Proving even more versatility, Tracbuster can, and has been used in the mining / oilsands industry, easily removing pins on D8, D9, D10, and D11 apron feeder rail systems.


Operation is quick and easy: Simply remove the track pad, align the press over the chain link, and press out the pin. On a smaller track, completing one link can take as little as five minutes, though larger links might take up to an hour to complete.


Tracbuster is equipped with a reversible press cylinder, which can be converted into a compact unit for transportation.

Tracbuster 1500

Our 1500 series track pin press can service Caterpillar crawlers size D3 through to D7 (or equivalent)

Tracbuster 2000

Our 2000 series track pin pusher can service Caterpillar crawlers size D7 through to D9. (or equivalent)

Tracbuster 3500

Our 3500 series track pin press can service Caterpillar crawlers size D8 through to D11. (or equivalent)